Hi, I’m Sarah Parker and I’m the author and creator of a blog all about body pillows. I review body pillows, especially those designed to offer relief for pregnancy, and offer my honest opinions on each one. For many pregnant women, using a body pillow is the only way to sleep comfortably at night, so the information that I provide can be invaluable to many consumers. I began by sharing my finds with friends who were pregnant and they were so relieved that I had the idea to share on a much larger scale so that I could help others around the world who suffered from the same sleep deprivation.
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I became interested in body pillows when I was pregnant with my first child, Samuel. It wasn’t a particularly difficult pregnancy, just uncomfortable. When I was around 5 months pregnant, I found that I had the most difficult time getting comfortable when trying to fall asleep. After some research about sleeping issues while pregnant, I discovered body pillows. I tried several before finding one that worked well for me and finally I was able to rest comfortably. That same pillow has gotten me through 2 more pregnancies, my children Elissa and Aiden, and I realized that the information I learned about body pillows would be helpful to many other women who were also seeking relief.

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I’ve been married to my husband Jason for 10 years. We love traveling and while we aren’t able to do it as often now with three children, we still like to get out to new places as much as possible. When I’m not reviewing body pillows, I enjoy reading, writing and baking. I love experimenting with new recipes but my family is not always so excited to try my new creations. Overall I find my need to help others takes over every part of my life. I enjoy writing for my blog and love to hear from readers who’ve found relief in using one of the body pillows I suggested. I think I learn as much from my readers as they learn from me and I look forward to many more years of blogging. I hope to eventually expand my reviews to other products beyond body pillows.