What ages do babies crawl?

Have you ever heard the expression “you must crawl before you can walk?” Well, if you have; this expression comes from babies. The fact is that all people had to crawl before they could walk. The following information will provide information about what ages do babies crawl. Once you understand the crawling process and you will find out when an infant should be crawling around on the floor.

How do babies develop?

All humans develop over specified period of time. This process is outlined through a growth and development chart. Piaget created a growth and development chart that is still being used today. This chart describes in detail the different stages that people grow through in life.

When a baby is first born, they cannot crawl or walk. The most they can do is move their arms and legs while lying on their back or stomach. As they start to mature their bodies will eventually become strong enough for them to crawl around.

This usually starts somewhere between 7 and 10 month of their first year. So, a baby should be crawling between 7 and 10 months of life. Remember this is a general baseline estimate. Some children can crawl a lot earlier or later than this specified time.

What if a baby isn’t crawling after 10 months?

If a child is not crawling around their 10 month of life, then there might be problem. However, do not be so quick to become concerned. As it was mentioned above, some kids develop slower than others. So, a child can start to crawl around after a year. However, if a child is taking more than a year to crawl and get around; you should take them to a trained medical professional to determine if there is a problem.

What causes a baby to crawl?

A baby will crawl once their muscle and motor skills become more developed. When a child is first born the reason why they cannot get up and just start walking around has to do with their underdeveloped muscles and cognitive functions. However, these functions start to kick around the 6 month of life and once they do; they will cause a baby to start the process of moving.

As a child continues through the physical and mental developmental stages; their body and mind will become stronger. Once this happens they will naturally start to pick up the process of crawling. Then, they will learn how to walk as they grow stronger.

What kind of crawling styles should I expect from a child?

Children have their own unique ways of crawling around. Here is a brief description of the many different styles they use to get around.

  • Traditional Crawl. This is the traditional way that people see babies crawl around. An infant usually does this by moving around on their hands and knees.
  • Tripod Style. This is an unusual way for a baby to move since they only use two hands and one knee to move about.
  • The Slug Crawl. Sometimes a child will just pull themselves around with their upper body while dragging their legs. Do not become alarmed. A child will do this for only a short period of time. If it last longer than usual (more than a couple of months) take them see a medical professional.
  • The Bear Crawl. Children sometimes crawl around with their rear ends up in the air while using their hands and knees on the ground.
  • Leapfrog Style. Some children will crawl around through a hands and knees bridge pose. This is similar to a yoga pose.
  • Crab Crawl. A baby will pull themselves backward instead of forward. They are spread out on the floor pushing in the opposite direction.

Ultimately, a baby will begin to move between the 7 and 10 month of life. If a child is not crawling around during this time take them to a qualified medical professional to have them examined. Don’t forget that children develop differently and some start crawling later than others.