Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow Review

When you are going through a pregnancy, there are a lot of things to think about. You’ll of course be preparing as much as possible for baby by setting up the nursery and getting all the necessary supplies. However, don’t forget about yourself during this time. Proper amounts of rest are needed for yourself and your growing baby, so a pregnancy pillow is much recommended. This is because as your belly is growing, your body will need the extra support that trying to rearrange several bed pillows just won’t do. The Boppy Slipcovered Pregnancy pillow is the answer to your tossing and turning each night.

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Comfort & Body Support

The unique, contoured design of this pillow wraps you in comfort all night long. It follows the line of your body to support your belly, neck, hips and back. The pima cotton slipcover keeps you comfy and cool as well, so combined with the design you will no longer have to toss and turn all night, attempting to get comfortable. Instead, you’ll enjoy the peaceful and restful night’s sleep you need so you can wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.

Quality & Materials

Boppy is known for their popular breastfeeding pillows, and the quality for this pregnancy pillow is just as high. The pillow itself is soft and supportive, while the outer cover is attractive, durable and easy to take care of. Boppy’s products stand up to daily use quite well and can last you long after your pregnancy. It will be a huge difference being able to use this one pillow as opposed to several bed pillows. Plus, none of Boppy’s products contain parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, petrolatum or synthetic preservatives.


The versatile design of this Boppy pillow features a contoured design which follows the lines of your body. This means you will have total support for important areas such as your belly, hips, neck and back, allowing you to sleep peacefully without waking up with aches and pains. The pillow itself measure 12x18x16 inches, giving you plenty of room to cuddle up to. You can use the larger part at the top as a headrest, giving you even more comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Because this pillow comes with a great slipcover, it is easy to take care of as well. You can of course spot clean the pillow as needed with mild soap and a warm cloth, but the removable cover is machine washable when needed. Place it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and warm water and wash separately. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. You can tumble dry it low, and then remove it as soon as the dryer is done and place it back on your Boppy pillow.


Boppy products are eligible for return up to 30 days from the date you purchased them from the website. The company does not accept returns if you purchased your product at another retailer, so if this is the case, check with the retailer you purchased your product from for their return policies. In this case, make sure that you have your proof of purchase on hand so that you can prove you are the one who purchased the product. The company will directly accept non-sale merchandise which is unopened or unused and have been found to be defective.

Overall Summary

During pregnancy, you need plenty of sleep as your body is changing and working to grow another human being. However, sleep can be difficult to come by as it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to lie down at night. A pregnancy pillow like this one from Boppy is your best solution, as it is specially designed to cradle and support your whole body, lessening any stress and strain on your body from your growing belly. It can also help relieve other ailments such as heartburn which are common during pregnancy. After birth, the pillow can still be used for plenty of support during sleeping, lounging or even breastfeeding. You will wonder how you ever did without the support of a Boppy pregnancy pillow.

Boppy Slipcovered Review
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