Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow Review

It is not always easy to get comfortable while pregnant, so the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow was designed to mold itself to your shape and cradle you in total comfort from top to bottom. This pillow surrounds your entire body like a cocoon, giving you the support you need to relieve pressure in several areas of your body, drastically lowering how much you toss and turn and giving you restful sleep. It has other features as well to keep you totally comfortable and relieve common aches and pains due to pregnancy or other ailments.

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Comfort & Body Support

This U-shape of this pillow allows it to support your whole body, giving you total support and comfort. The 50/50 cotton/poly cover and the Fusion Fiber fill keeps you cool while giving you soft, comfy support. No longer will you need to toss and turn all night, as this pillow gives you comfort that you can’t find anywhere else. Finally get the much needed rest that you need during this tiring time which your body really needs. You can wake up feeling refreshed and free of the usual aches and pains from sleeping without the support you will have with this special pillow.

Quality & Materials

As stated, the filling of this pillow is called Fusion Fiber, which is always fluffy, soft and completely hypoallergenic. This special fiber is constructed of a polyester polymer with very high resistance to heat. Every strand is polished to make sure the fibers easily move against each other so there is no clumping or lumping. They are then spiraled or twisted so you get a soft, springy rebound when the pillow is compressed. The fibers are then joined in a symmetrical fashion, making a small cluster around one eighth to one quarter inch in diameter. In this way, the different sizes of clusters lets them fit together, filling the voids between them.


The flexible design of this pillow allows you to sleep in a variety of positions on your back or your side. Just position yourself as needed between the “legs” of this pillow so you have the most comfort possible. It will cradle your whole body due to the U-shape to give you the support that you won’t find with any other similar pillow. It is approximately five and a half feet from the fold to the bottom of each leg. The pillow weighs 10 pounds and is easily moveable so you can use it wherever you need. Easy Maintenance

Fusion Fiber can also resist very high temperatures during washing and drying, also letting it dry faster than other fiberfills. It is recommended to fluff the pillow each day, and you can launder it in a front loading commercial sized washer and dryer, such as at a laundromat. You can put a tennis ball or a clean gym shoe into the dryer to fluff the pillow evenly. The 50/50 pillowcase can be removed for regular washing as well. With regular fluffing and care this pillow can be there to support you for a long time.


This product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. You can also contact the seller to see what kind of warranty that they offer in case of any problems. If you encounter any problems with the pillow, contact the company to see what they can do for you.

Overall Summary

The Comfort-U pillow is the only one which will cradle you from head to toe. It is the perfect pillow during pregnancy, due to its U-shaped design and unique fill. You can sleep in a variety of positions that will cradle your whole body, giving you the maximum comfort when comfort would usually be difficult to obtain. Your entire body will be supported, and that is what makes this pillow great as well for easing pain due to other conditions such as fibromyalgia, back pain, sciatica or other discomforts. It is not difficult to care for, either, as you can wash the outer pillow case, or the whole pillow if needed, and with regular fluffing it will last even longer.

Comfort U Total Body Review
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