How Do You Use a Maternity Pillow?

A time of anticipation and joy, pregnancy takes your body through many changes as you are enjoying having a little life growing inside you. You might find yourself to have more pains, aches, insomnia and shortness of breath as your belly grows. All of this can make finding a comfortable position to sleep in and therefore getting a good night’s sleep, very difficult. However, using a maternity pillow can really help.

Get the Right Pillow

The fist think you’ll want to do is find the right maternity or pregnancy pillow. For hip or back pain, a u-shaped, c-shaped or long pillow might be the best one. A wedge pillow works well for heartburn, as it can lift your head comfortably and alleviate your pain. For simply supporting your growing belly, either style of pillow could work well.

Using the Wedge Pillowhow to use a Maternity Pillow

The main use of a wedge pillow is to give support to your belly if you are a side sleeper. While you are lying on your side, roll slightly toward the back and slide part of the pillow under your stomach. This will help support the weight of your stomach, and stop discomfort from the weight that is pull your back or side muscles.

The wedge pregnancy pillow may also be used to prop your head up to help fight heartburn. Just put the pillow under your shoulders and head in a way that is comfortable. It could take a night or two to find the right elevation you need for relief.

Using the Long Pillow

The long pregnancy pillow is perfect for the expectant mom who needs support between the knees. This will help keep your spine aligned. You can cuddle up with the long pillow and put it between your legs to give you the support you need. Run the length of the pillow underneath your stomach to support your back muscles. There is no need with this pillow to use a traditional pillow anymore. The long pillow can be used to support your head at the same time as well.

Using the U-shaped and the C-shaped Pillow

These over-sized, long pillows can be shaped subtly, depending on the need, and help with several areas of the body. The single thing they offer which other pregnancy pillows do not is that they wrap around your whole body and stop you from sleeping on your back. If this is not an issue, use this pillow in front of you to support your belly. You can tuck one of the long sections either way between your legs to give you support for your knees. Since this is a very large pillow, it is more likely to stay in place and not move around. These shapes are also convenient since they are big enough to be easily used to support your head, too.

Uses Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy pillows are also useful after you give birth to your baby. With a u-shaped pillow, your baby can be propped up in the U section and secured in place by taking the sides in close to the feet and making a closed space. Some babies feel comfortable sleeping in this way. C-shaped or u-shaped pillows can also be used to help with nursing. Wrap the pillow low around your hips while sitting to hold the baby comfortably.