How to Announce Pregnancy

We know that you know that there are not hard and fast rules regarding how to announce pregnancy. But we do want to help you avoid the pitfalls of doing it in a way that will inadvertedly anger important people in your life. And the not so important people- well, there’s a way to do that to as we’ll get to.

Announce Pregnancy to Your Partner

First off, when telling your significant other that you’re pregnant, try to refrain from judgement as to the response. If you both have been planning to get pregnant, then of course this is joyous news. You can feel free to tell the news in the form of a cute poem or give out a congratulations card to the happy partner. You can also feel free to just say it off the cuff, just be sure that the person is not driving or doing something else the requires a lot of attention. Try also not to tell the person when the individual is in the midst of stress at work or having a low moment. For one, the reaction might not be great, and for two, it might actually stress the person out more.

If the partner is not expecting the news, then brace for any range of reactions. It is not that the person won’t eventually be excited. However, it is a big life change. Try to find a happy moment where things are calm and there is time for discussion. In the movies, whenever the lady is trying to announce her pregnancy, she always does it at an inopportune time when both parties are highly emotional. And notice how she has been trying for weeks to find a quiet moment but life is just drama drama. Real life has quite periods too. And if it doesn’t, how on earth is the couple going to find time to squeeze a baby in there? So, don’t procrastinate and discuss the news ASAP. Chances are, the other party with be overall brimming with delight at the news of a mini me. Just try to be considerate as well.


Then it comes time to announce news to the family. Well, they also would like to know sooner rather than later. You might have to phone if distance is an issue. That’s alright though, because they will feel honored that you told them right away instead of 6 months into your pregnancy. They might want some time to get you presents. So give them that preparation time instead of acting like they didn’t once give birth to you.


Work is a party that one has to be careful with. There are now so many laws that protect women from having their job taken away from pregnancy. However, that does not mean that it doesn’t happen. And also, women sometimes decide not to come back to work too. Employers are aware of this in the back of their minds, but legally cannot express this sentiment, that sounds more like a lawsuit when spoken out loud. So, if you want your job back, make sure you tell them around the 4-5 month mark. You might not be feeling too well at 8 months, and you will want to be sure that they find a replacement for your maternity leave. If the job is highly specialized, then it is best to break the news after 2 months. If however, you work as a cashier at a store, then you can wait until at least 4 months. That is of course, unless you are throwing up all the time and missing work in the first trimester. Then you should tell them immediately so that they don’t fire you. They’ll be glad you gave them the heads up so that they know what to expect out of you in the months ahead.


When telling friends, there is no correct way how to announce pregnancy. Just try to remember if your friends are having trouble getting pregnant, to be sensitive. If you value the friendships, you should tell them in person instead of through a general Facebook announcement. They will feel more included in your news, and when it comes time to throw a baby shower, they will be there for you.

Ultimately, announcing baby news is a wonderful experience. It does though signify change ahead for others, so try to remember this and be timely. But also, there is no rush in telling everyone. Just don’t do one social media announcement for everyone and then expect people to be super impressed by the way you broke the news.