How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

If you are pregnant, you are probably wondering how to use a pregnancy pillow, especially if you are expecting your first child. Pregnancy pillows are designed to help you sleep better because they allow you to better position your body throughout the night, thereby reducing or even eliminating pain. They also help you sleep in the proper position at night, as many medical professionals recommend that you refrain from sleeping on your back or your right side. Therefore, you need something that will help you stay comfortably on your left side while you are sleeping.

There Are Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

How to Use a Pregnancy PillowOne of the most important things for you to remember is that there are different types of pillows available. You can choose to purchase the smaller wedge- shaped pillow that you use for very specific areas of the body or you can purchase a larger pillow that encompasses the entire body, effectively giving you the support you need from head to toe. In addition, you might want to buy a smaller pillow that is designed to support your neck. These pillows can alleviate the neck pain that so often comes with the stress that pregnancy can put on your body. This is especially true if you choose to use the smaller wedge- shaped pillow, as it is only capable of supporting your body one section at a time.

Using the Wedge- Shaped Pillow

This is the pillow that you will use to support your stomach while you are lying down. You can slide the small end under your stomach and then bring the pillow in closer to your body until you are comfortable. The idea is to take the pressure off your body, especially in your back. The weight of the pregnancy has a tendency to cause a lot of pain and discomfort when you try to sleep because it pulls the muscles in your back out of alignment. This alone is enough to keep most people awake all night long. That is why using this type of pillow can help you find the comfort you need to get some much needed rest. You can use the neck support pillow to round out the comfort provided by the pregnancy pillow. This will help to ensure that your head and neck are properly supported. It will also keep you from developing strain and soreness in your shoulders unnecessarily.

Using a Full Body Pillow

Of course, the wedge- shaped pillow isn’t the only thing you can use, as previously mentioned. When using the full sized pillow, you can position it so that part of it supports your head comfortably while the opposite end allows you to support your legs. This in turn gives you the chance to find support between your knees, as you can place the pillow in between your legs however you wish. Doing this helps you align your spine much more effectively, relieving some otherwise painful spots throughout your back, as well as your legs, ankles and feet. This particular style of pillow also goeas around your back and gives you the much needed support so you can find a comfortable position when you are trying to sleep instead of tossing and turning all night. When you use this style of pillow, you don’t typically need a neck support pillow because you can use the pregnancy pillow to support your head, neck and shoulders. However, it never hurts to have some options available so you can stay comfortable more often.


Most people actually choose to use a combination of different pillows to suit their own needs. The point is, you have to use them in whatever combination you like in order to get the level of comfort you need in order to get some sleep. It can be extremely difficult to get to sleep at night when you are pregnant. It can even be difficult to sit down and find any appreciable level of comfort. Using these pillows, either by themselves in in combination, is the ideal way to ensure that you can be comfortable even though you are pregnant. In short, a good pregnancy pillow can mean all the difference in the world between enjoying your pregnancy or being miserable the entire time.