Leachco Back N’Belly Chic Contoured Body Pillow Review

When you are pregnant you’ll probably notice that you need plenty of support for your aching back and your growing tummy. This Back N’Belly Chic contoured body pillow supports your tummy and back equally at the same time. You will not need to re-position pillows throughout the night anymore with the clever design of this pillow. Just turn from side to side and this body pillow will be a custom fit to your body. The inner contours were made to go along the natural curves of your body, no matter the positions you like to sleep in. There is also a comfort curve just for your neck and shoulders, plus a removable, zippered cover to make it easy to care for.

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Comfort & Body Support

This unique body pillow from Leachco, the Back N’ Belly Chic gives you the support your growing tummy needs during pregnancy, as well as supporting your back and all its aches and pains. The pillow has inner contours to it which will take the shape of your body and also adjust to it, giving you a great night’s sleep and satisfying rest during the day. It won’t need any re-positioning and gives you equal support for your back and belly at the same time. This pillow elevates and aligns for a neutral and comfortable position which relieves strain on your joints.

Quality & Materials

This pillow is mainly constructed of quality polyester for firm, cozy and cuddly support. It is about eight inches thick and the material is not itchy, nor does it cause you to become overheated. The outer cover is easily removable with a zippered enclosure so that you can wash it on a regular basis, so it is easy to keep clean. Otherwise, you can spot clean it when needed.


This pillow is three to four inches and it easily keeps its shape with no regular fluffing needed. Its unique design hugs your entire body into a cocoon-like fashion. Because of this great design, it is easy for you to get comfortable, as you only have to turn from side to side to adjust your position, instead of having to constantly rearrange pillows throughout the night. This gives you the restful night’s sleep that you need during this tiring time, and you will not want to sleep without this pillow again.

Easy Maintenance

This pillow is simple and quick to take care of by spot cleaning any soiled areas with a soapy cloth. You should not put the entire pillow into the washing machine, however you can fluff it like you would any pillow if it were to become flat. Plus, the outer cover has a zipper to make it easy to remove for regular washing. Just put the cover in the washing machine with warm water on gentle cycle. If you need to, use a non-chlorine bleach, and then dry the cover on the lowest heat setting, removing promptly after it is done.


Leachco does not sell directly to individuals, and therefore refunds or exchanges will take place between you and the retailer you purchased your pillow from. The company has a very liberal policy for returns with authorized Leachco distributors, and they will be happy to help you with your return when you have the proper proof of purpose and you follow the steps of their return policy. If you find that your pillow is defective in any way, stop using it right away.

Overall Summary

This large and uniquely shaped pregnancy pillow is just the thing you need for a restful night’s sleep during your pregnancy. Being pregnant can bring a lot of discomfort while trying to sleep, especially as you get closer to term and your belly grows larger. This pillow will give you the support that you really need so that you can be truly comfortable, and because of its overall U shape you will not have to be rearranging pillows all night long. Instead you can be cocooned in comfort between the “arms” of this pillow. Plus, it is easy to care for with the removable cover, a big plus for busy moms-to-be.

Leachco Back N'Belly Chic Review
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