Leachco Back N’Belly Original Pregnancy Pillow Review

You’re going to want as much support for your aching back as your growing stomach when you are expecting. The Back N’Belly pillow will give you the same amount of support for both these things at the same time. You’ll no longer spend all night rearranging pillows because of the clever design of this pregnancy pillow. You just have to turn from one side to another to experience a fit that is custom to your body. The contours inside this pillow are designed to follow the curve of your body that you naturally have, no matter the positions you like to sleep in. This pillow also comes with a removable sham-style cover which is washable so it is easy to care for. Enjoy custom comfort all night long with this cradling pillow.

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Comfort & Body Support

This uniquely shaped pregnancy pillow is designed to cocoon you in comfort all night long. It supports you back and belly, two much needed areas of support during this time, and you can reverse the pillow to create a double decker effect for more head support. This pillow will align and elevate your hips to help make sure you are lying in a more natural position, which will relieve the stress on you joints. It can even help with ailments such as gastric reflux, sciatica, nasal congestion and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Quality & Materials

This pregnancy pillow is constructed using a polyester which is warm and cozy. With firm sides and a soft bend, this pillow has the ability to comfortably support you. The material of the pillow will hold up to a lot of use and does not come to you with a “new” smell, which can be important to many sensitive noses during pregnancy. The cover on this pillow is removable, and the pillow itself can hold up very well under regular use.


This contoured pregnancy pillow is designed to cradle your back and growing belly. It has hour glass inner curves which give you snug support for your whole back and your belly as well. Plus, its unique design also aligns your hips for neutral joint positioning. Plus because of its design, this pillow is also great for relieving symptoms from congestion, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia and pain conditions which are chronic. The pillow also comes with a removable sham cover.

Easy Maintenance

You can clean up this pillow easily by spot cleaning it as needed with a soapy cloth. It is not recommended that you put the entire pillow in the washing machine, however. Instead, you can remove the sham cover from the pillow and wash it on gentle cycle with warm water. If needed, use only a non-chlorine bleach, and then tumble dry the cover on the lowest heat setting and remove right away after it is done. If your pillow becomes flat or starts to clump up, just fluff it like you would your regular pillows.


Because Leachco doesn’t sell directly to individuals, refunds or exchanges will take place only at the retailer where you purchased the pillow. The company’s products are all sold through retailers that are authorized to sell Leachco products, so they will have a record of your purchase. There, they can happily assist you with any problems and a return as long as you have your sales receipt or proof of purchase and you follow their policy for returns. Of course, if you find your pillow to be defective for any reason, discontinue using it as soon as you notice a problem.

Overall Summary

Purchasing the original Back N’Belly pillow by Leachco is a very smart investment for your pregnancy or other physical ailments where you need support while you sleep. Pregnancy can take a great toll on your body, and the goal of this uniquely shaped pillow is to support your body so that you can get a restful night’s sleep, which your body so badly needs while it is growing a tiny human inside it. You’ll love being cradled in between the “legs” of this pillow all night long, instead of having to constantly rearrange pillows to try and get comfortable throughout the night.

Leachco Back N'Belly Original Review
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