Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow by Web Linens Review

While pregnant, you will clearly be focused on your baby and your baby’s needs during pregnancy and after birth. However, don’t forget that for the both of you, making sure you get restful sleep is very important. Many women find it very difficult to sleep at night due to typical aches, pains and strains on their body and also from ailments such as heartburn. Therefore, purchasing a pregnancy pillow to support your body at night is highly recommended. This Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow by Web Linens can assist you in getting the sleep you need by support your body in the areas you need it most.

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Comfort & Body Support

This pillow is extremely comfortable. Having a 400 thread count feel to it, and it is also has a 100% extremely soft microfiber polyester shell and filling. The pillow also comes with a zippered cover and it will fully support your body while you sleep. Instead of having to rearrange and adjust a bunch of regular pillows all throughout the night, you will get peaceful sleep with this helpful pregnancy pillow as it cradles you just as you need it to.

Quality & Materials

As stated, this pillow is constructed with a soft microfiber polyester shell and filling. This creates a wonderful softness while the pillow supports your body at the same time. The zippered cover can be taken off to be washed when needed, allowing your pillow to remain soft and in great shape. While the pillow is supporting your body where you need it to, its softness will help you to fall and remain in a deep sleep all night long so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for each day.


This pillow’s extra-long length allows you to fold it into various positions to suit your support needs. You can fold it in half into a U-shape which will cradle your entire body, or you can fold it into other various positions so you can support areas such as your back or neck. By folding it into an L shape it can run down the front and under your leg, or you can place it in your back and pull under your leg to the front. The flexible design of this pillow gives you the most options for individual support that you can find in a pregnancy pillow. The pillow is nineteen inches thick and sixty-four inches long on each side.

Easy Maintenance

This pregnancy pillow as mentioned above comes with a cover that has a zipper enclosure. This allows you to quickly and easily remove the cover any time you need to wash it, and the cover can be placed in your washing machine on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. You can also machine dry your cover on the lowest setting and remove it promptly when done. If needed, you should non-chlorine bleach in the washing machine with this cover.


Should you be dissatisfied with this pillow for any reason, it is usually best to first check with the store you purchased it from to ask about their refund and return policies. However, Web Linens wants to make sure that their customers are totally satisfied with their purchases and so they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. With this, you can return your pillow for any reason, with no questions ask, within this time period. You can be sure you are purchasing a quality pillow when the company will stand by their products in such a way.

Overall Summary

Pregnancy should be one of the happiest times of your life, but unfortunately it can also be very tiring and uncomfortable at times. That is why purchasing a pregnancy pillow like this one from Web Linens is highly recommended, as it will provide you with the support at night that you really need, relieving your body of any added strain and stress from your growing belly. Good sleep is very important while pregnant so that you are taking care of your health and your baby’s the very best that you can.

Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Pillow by Web Linens Review
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