PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Review


Pregnancy can be tough on your body, and you definitely need your rest each night. However, rest can be the most difficult thing to obtain because of the changes your body is going through, as it can be difficult to get comfortable. The PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy pillow is wonderful for expecting moms since it can provide you with a deep sleep each night, eliminating neck strain, stress, and bad sleep patterns. It is manufactured in the United States or imported and comes with a 100% cotton cover. This pillow is rated high with consumers when it comes to baby, health and personal care and gives you full body support with its unique J-shape design. It is also great for use after pregnancy.

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Comfort & Body Support

Because of the ergonomic design of this pillow, you’ll find relief from aching joints that other pillows cannot give you. No matter how you like to sleep, this pillow can support you in several different positions and is perfect for back sleepers, side sleepers and support during pregnancy. You’ll be able to feel refreshed each morning as you can now sleep with relief from aches and strains you’d get without the pillow.

Quality & Materials

A lush interior cushion and premium material lets you get relief from many ailments including insomnia, sore neck, restless nights, aching shoulders, tossing and turning, and lower back pain. Firm and tender padding give you the perfect amount of resistance and relief to help you get the perfect fit each night. The cotton cove is breathable and gentle, giving you plenty of airflow so you won’t overheat. The cover has a zipper to make removal for washing simple and fast.

These pillows ae made under the highest quality standards, and are made to exceed your expectations in both purpose and comfort for beneficial sleep and total relief. It is latex, Phthalate, BPA and lead free to ensure a safe and healthy product.


The leading edge J shape and ergonomic design of this pillow allows you to receive all the support you need. This support specifically targets to lessen tossing and turning, plus cramps which can disturb you rest, affect your mood the next day and cause you unneeded stress. The inventive design is made to form various sleeping positions so you can get the best night’s sleep. You’ll feel a lot less aches, pain and strain through your day because of sleep that is well-supported throughout the night.

Easy Maintenance

This pregnancy pillow is simple to take care of, and can be spot cleaned as needed with a damp cloth and mild soap. It also has a removable cotton cover when you need to fully wash it. The cover has a zipper enclosure so it is fast and easy to remove and put back on. Wash your cover on the gentle cycle and when needed make sure to use a non-chlorine bleach. You can tumble dry the cover on the lowest setting and make sure to remove it from the dryer when it is done.


You can always go to the store where you purchased the pillow if you are having any problems with it to see about a refund and return. However, the company wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase as well. They offer a refund if you are having any issues and will also send you a new maternity pillow. When a company stands behind their product like this, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality product.

Overall Summary

Pregnancy itself can be very exhausting as you are growing a tiny human inside of you. The last thing you need is to not get the sleep your body requires each night. With this pregnancy pillow from PharMeDoc, you’ll get the much needed support your body needs, therefore allowing you to get restful and unbroken sleep throughout the night. The pillow will help to relieve the aches and pains you will normally experience during pregnancy, allowing you to get your precious sleep and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and pain free.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Review
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