Pinzon Body Pillow Review

Sleeping comfortably throughout the night is not always as simple as most people may think. Since some people suffer with all kinds of back and neck problems, it can be difficult to rest without some kind of aid to assist an individual with getting into a comfortable position. In some cases, people need the right pillows that they can lay their head and neck on, while others can benefit greatly from a whole body pillow to provide them with a certain amount of support for their entire body. Regardless to the need or the problems that the person is experiencing, a full body pillow like the Pinzon Body Pillow with Pillowcases can be the idea solution for a number of different reasons and situations. With that being said, here’s some invaluable information about this pillow along with some pros and cons that have been identified by consumers who have made this purchase.

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  • – Designed with 100% polyester fill and 100% cotton shell materials
  • – Pillows are imported
  • – Comes with a zip off pillow that is made of 230-thread-count fabric
  • – Great for people who have allergies because the materials include hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill
  • – Designed with the comfort of side sleepers on mind
  • – Fit the natural contours of the body
  • – Easy to clean because it can be thrown into the washing machine
  • – Measures 20 x 54 inches

Comfort & Body Support – Rating of a 5

Because comfort is a major factor in choosing a body pillow, there are numerous things that the buyer will be looking for when they are trying to find the best option for their needs. More importantly, they are usually looking for a body pillow that has been made with 100% polyester-fiber fill comforter so they do not have to be concerned about dealing with suffering with allergies in their sleep. Therefore, with the polyester fiber fill materials included in this body pillow, the buyer can take advantage of the hypoallergenic properties that have been provided.

Plush 77.5 Ounces of Fill

In addition to enjoying the comforts of a hypo allergic body pillow, the buyer can also benefit greatly from a body pillow that is made of Plush 77.5 ounces of fill. With these features, the buyer can expect a body pillow that will contour naturally to the shape of their body. Meaning people who are known as side sleepers can enjoy the comfort of luxurious frontal support. On the other hand, because some people need support in other areas of their body, they may want to use this full body pillow to support their back. Better Support for the back can be achieved by the person leaning their back against the full body pillow when they are in bed.

To relieve pressure that people sometimes feel in their hips, spine or their back, these pillows can be placed snugly between their knees. When the individual follows the proper instructions with the use of these kinds pillows, they do not have to suffer or struggle as much to relieve themselves of the pain that they are usually experiences. For instance, many times pregnant women have lots of difficulty sleeping through the night as they become bigger. Providing the support during these times is actually critical to being healthy and staying fit with the appropriate amount of rest. So, when the buyer finds a pillow to accommodate the expectant mothers need, it is important that they make an investment as soon as they can to correct any issues that they are dealing with on a regular basis.

Quality & Materials – Rating of a 5

Another factor that must be considered when reviewing this body pillow involves its quality. Since the materials in any kind of pillow can vary from one to another, people really do need to know what they are investing their money into. Fortunately, with this pillow, people can expect a special grade design pillow when they make their purchase. Specifically, because the 230 thread count shell is a great added addition to its overall quality. In fact, the 230 tread materials are used to make up a high quality material pillow that people can keep and use for its overall durability. With a 230 tread pillow, people can expect a silk soft, clean and crisp experience in their bedding. So, this type of pillow can be pleasantly soft, even though it may be measured on a lower end scale.

-Design – Rating of a 5

The design of this pillow is both super thick, wide and fluffy. For some people, this is a welcome benefit to having it. For others, it may be very uncomfortable and difficult to sleep with it. However, there is a hack that can be used before an individual decides to return it to the manufacturer. Per some customer’s recommendation, the pillow can be adjusted. All the person has to do is remove the zip cover, cut a small hole in the inner shell and then removed part of the filling. People can remove as much or as little of the filling as they desire. Also, once they are satisfied with the new size of the body pillow, the small hole can be re-stitched to prevent more of the filling from falling out.

-Easy Maintenance – Rating of a 5

Body pillow is easy to maintain since it can be washed at home in the washing machine. So, people can clean these pillows whenever they need to.

-Warranty = Rating of a 3

Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee

When an individual is looking for a body pillow, there are a number of things that must be considered. Since some people have problems with their back, neck and other parts of their body, they may need the extra support of a full body pillow to get the comfort that they need during the night hours. So, before making a purchase, the buyer should know the following: how easy it will be to keep clean, does the overall design accommodate the individual and their personal needs, and does the quality of the materials meet the buyers needs.

Pinzon Body Pillow Review
  • Comfort & Body Support
  • Quality & Materials
  • Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Warranty