Samay Full Body Maternity Pillow from Khomo Review

While pregnant, you’ll likely find that as your tummy gets larger and you gain more weight, it will become more and more difficult to get a good night’s rest. Many women try sleeping with multiple pillows at this point in order to get the support their body so badly needs. However, this creates another problem – having to rearrange these pillows all night long whenever you need to shift positions, therefore still not giving you the sleep that you need. Instead, using a pregnancy pillow like this Samay Full Body Maternity Pillow from Khomo can give you that support while cradling you in comfort all night long.

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Comfort & Body Support

This pregnancy pillow is thinner and lighter, and therefore more comfortable, than many of the larger and heavier pregnancy pillows. Its weight and size make it perfect to hug and cuddle with, helping you to sleep cocooned in comfort all night long. The U shape of this pillow fully wraps around you, and the zippered cover is soft and snuggly. You’ll get the support you need because of the wrap around shape of this pillow, so you can sleep without all the strains and stressors on your body and wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. Since you won’t be waking up throughout the night to rearrange pillows, you will get the much needed rest you and your baby require.

Quality & Materials

This pregnancy pillow, due to its economical price, may not be constructed of the highest quality materials. The cover and pillow are, however, very soft to the touch and can be very comfortable to cuddle up to. Since it comes with an easy to take off cover, you can keep it clean and fresh as well, keeping it nicer longer and helping the pillow itself to last you a longer time.


The U-shape of this pillow will give you support for your entire body. It is great as a maternity pillow of course, but can also be used by other people for support and pain relief for various ailments. The weight and size of the product, as stated above, make it perfect to hug and cuddle with. Since it is much lighter than other pregnancy pillows, it is also easier to move around as you need, and it also does not take up a lot of space in your bed. The cover on this pillow is zippered to make it simple and fast for you to remove and care for.

Easy Maintenance

As stated, this pregnancy pillow has a cover with a zipper enclosure. This enables you to take the cover off easily and quickly so that you can launder it any time you need. This is important to most people to keep it fresh and clean, and it will help the life of your pillow as well. Put it in your washing machine on warm on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent, and then you can tumble dry it on low, making sure to remove it promptly when it is done.


If you have any issues with this product at all, the best step you can take is to contact the store or seller where you purchased it. They will have record of your purchase, and can go over with you what their return or exchange policies are. Make sure to have your receipt as well so that you have the proof it was you who purchased the pillow.

Overall Summary

If you are shopping around for a pregnancy pillow but are not sure that you want to spend a lot of money on one, this pillow from Khomo can be a very good option. It has the economic advantage and will still function as a pregnancy pillow should, giving you the support you need to relieve the pressure and added weight of your growing belly. With its shape, you will still be wrapped in comfort like other pregnancy pillows, but the size of this one will not take up a lot of space in your bed and it will also be much easier to more around the house so you can use it during the day for added support as well while sitting.