What is a Pregnancy Pillow and How do They Work

What is a Pregnancy Pillow and How do They Work

Pregnancy is a great time. It gives the pleasure of developing a bond with your baby as it grows, selecting names, and beautifying the nursery. However, despite all the wonderful experiences that come with pregnancy, there are some not-so-exciting moments as well. Many pregnant women undergo backaches and leg cramps, making getting enough, restful sleep difficult. The progression of your pregnancy coupled with belly growth limits your sleeping positions.

Getting enough rest during your pregnancy allows your body to manage the tiresome work of supporting a growing baby. At times, you may feel like your body is scheming against you as far as getting sufficient, restful sleep is concerned. Thankfully, a pregnancy pillow is a perfect solution for all pregnant women out there.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Well-designed pregnancy pillows consist of soft, comfortable fabrics designed exclusively for pregnant women. They come in many diverse shapes such as body, V, and J. They offer a bed to the shifting curves of your body and provide support in some sleeping positions. They allow you to sleep comfortably in different positions, particularly in the later phases of pregnancy when it becomes difficult to sleep on the stomach and back. They are a bit longer than regular pillows to support the entire body. You may want to use a maternity pillow once you discover that changes in your body are compromising your sleep.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow and How do They Work

Why Should You Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

A maternity pillow enables you to adapt perfectly to your bodily changes by offering support to your legs, hips, back, shoulders, and neck. The innovative design of pillows like J Shaped Pillow enables you to rest or sleep in the half-fetal position, which is highly recommended by medical professionals. You can also use the pillow to support your hips and knees, which will relieve pressure on your hips, back, and spine. Read on to acquaint yourself with the importance of sleeping on a pregnancy pillow during your pregnancy.

  1. Streamlines Blood Circulation

Medical experts usually advise expectant women to sleep sideways to allow efficient blood circulation. However, the growing belly makes the sideways position uncomfortable. The maternity pillow helps you sleep comfortably because of its smoothness and cushioning effect. You can also have a pillow customized for your body parts or abdomen.

  1. Keeps Body Pains at Bay

Most moms experience pain or numbness in the neck, knees, leg, and back when they are pregnant. Hosts of research studies reveal that 50 to 80 percent of pregnant women feel a type of lumbar pain not only during the pregnancy but also beyond. A maternity pillow is an ideal source of relief for any pelvic or lower lumbar pain.

  1. Can Prevent Allergies

Pregnancy hormones trigger allergic reactions even in women who have never experienced allergies before. These allergies may range from respiratory issues to skin rashes. Purchasing a hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow can be instrumental in keeping unpleasant reactions away while the soft and cushy effect offers you all the comfortable support you want.

  1. Longer Sleeping Time

Getting sufficient rest and sleep is an ideal strategy for beating the aches and stress that comes with pregnancy. Maternity pillows provide sound sleep. Enough rest allows you to become healthier and gives you ample time to get yourself ready for the arriving baby.

  1. Valuable Even After Delivery

Pregnancy pillows have gained tremendous popularity due to their versatile nature. You can still use your pillow even after your baby arrives. For instance, you can use it to get your baby into the right position for breastfeeding. You use it to create a barrier after placing your baby on the bed to prevent them from rolling over and hurting themselves.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow and How do They Work

When is the Right Time for Beginning to Use a PREGNANCY PILLOW?

There is no specific time to begin to use a pregnancy pillow, but from week 20, you may feel more relaxed with the pillow. Your belly begins to show around this period, and it triggers round ligament pain as well as other body pains. You can use a pregnancy pillow together with a support belt to alleviate the pains.

Do Maternity Pillows Really Work?

The efficiency of a pregnancy pillow relies on your tummy size, the type of pillow you have selected, and your pregnancy stage. Many pregnant women have left positive reviews about maternity pillows on various online forums.

The efficacy of a pregnancy pillow varies from one person to another. It will also depend on your bump size and your preferred sleeping position. For many people, a maternity pillow can turn out to be a life-saving buying, so doing thorough research is worthwhile. Focus your efforts on finding a pillow that suits your needs.